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Growing near the river bank of Neris, the business center “Kauno dokas” is being developed according to the Green Building productivity philosophy. The basis of this modern worldwide concept is healthy and motivating work environment.

Key elements that assure productivity and exclusive quality of work conditions:

  • Quality of air in the indoors of premises

  • Perfect daylight permeability

  • Low level of noise

  • Mobile work places outside

  • Spectacular view through a window

For productive work day

Business center “Kauno dokas” is being developed considering well-being of future employees:

  • Fresh air through open office windows and high quality indoor ventilating system.

  • Plenty of daylight, which is supplemented by effective lighting system anytime during the day.

  • Indoor temperature regulation in accordance to demands.

  • Work and recreation places outside. Work and recreation zones are constructed near the river bank of Neris.

  • Good transportation by car, by foot and with bicycle. Walkways and bike paths are installed, as well as bicycle stands.

  • Convenient place in the city – Old Town and shopping center is situated closely.

  • Café at the business center for a handy lunch to save time for a walk in nature.

  • Inspiring view – City panorama and calming river flow is visible through window.

For creative work outside

Business center “Kauno dokas” motivate communication between people and inspire new ideas. “Kauno dokas” is the only business center in Kaunas established at the river bank of Neris. Work zones and green terraces are set up near the river and in that way create inspiring work places outside the building. Informal environment strengthens the feeling of community between employees and contributes to the company’s internal cultural build up. Both, peaceful concentration or noisy process of creativity is welcome here.

According to various researches, changing work environment help reduce stress, stimulate inspiration and improves labor productivity. Not only picturesque environment near the river Neris will guarantee productivity but also wireless high speed internet connection.

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